Sunday, June 16, 2013


    How could a mere mortal compare to that? She didn't even have the decency to walk like a person. She glided through the hallways as if her feet didn't actually need to touch the ground. It was no wonder that she had the attention of any man she desired, the job that everyone in their field coveted and everything seemed to come so easily to her.
    Even Brett loved her. Jenny couldn't compete with someone like that, no one in their right mind could, really. There were plenty of girls who loved Brett, but Felicia wasn't one of them. It didn't stop Brett loving her, however.
    Jenny was too skinny. Her arms and legs were long and lean with the rest of her following along to create a dancers build. At 5'9", she was tall for a girl, but not as tall as Brett. He was 6'3". Felicia was curvy, presently slim and 5'7". Also, she was a goddess, so there was that.