Monday, March 24, 2014


    "You're such a beast James." She batted at his shoulder playfully. That gleam in her eye was shining mischievously again. He was in trouble when they got back to her place.
    Her place. Not their place. It wasn't the first time that he'd lamented that fact. They had been together for almost a year and he couldn't think of anything that truly tied them together. Sure, there were feelings... urges. Passion. He'd even told her that he loved her a handful of times. Granted, they were all via text message, but it was out there.
    He put on a bright smile despite the melancholy thought and drew Alice into his arms. Pulling her back in tight to his chest she wrapped her arms around his as he breathed in her scent. Her hair smelled like sunflowers today, but the under current of figs and brown sugar was always there. She giggled like something bubbling up from a deep spring and leaned her head back onto his chest.
    The park was full of people, but it always felt like they were alone. An island on a soft blanket. The sun was warm and strong, but James still felt cold inside. He had to end it. It wasn't fair to Rebecca.
    "I'm not a beast... you're a temptress." She was leaning back on him now, trying to push him back onto the blanket and giggling bubbly again. It was infectious and soon he was on his back, laughing heartily with her. She rolled over and propped herself over him. Her loose blond hair draped alluringly over her left shoulder. It was wavy, wild and free-spirited like her. Without a second thought, he ran his right hand through the waves and pulled her gently to him for a kiss. Pulling away gently, she laughed again and smiled broadly.
    "If I'm a temptress, you're definitely a beast."