Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dream Cast

Every writer, whether they like to admit it or not, has a dream cast in their head, should their book become a movie.

Now, I do not own the rights to these pictures, but as I do not receive money from this blog, I have no qualms posting them. If anyone is curious as to their origin, please message me and I'll send along the links.

Alice, the girl in search of her place in the world:
 Sophia Myles

James, the wayward husband:
 Lucas Bryant

Candice, the problematic wife:
Emily Blunt (Isn't she just fabulous?)

Ben, the persistent fisherman:
Joe Manganiello

Grace, the fiery yogi sister:
 Christina Hendricks
 or Carey Mulligan

Scott, the man on a mission:
Chris Helmsworth

Nora, the psychologist with a big problem:
Kate Kelton

Who knows if anything will ever come of this wackiness... but in the meantime, this is who I picture. :D

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Phone call dilemma

Alice was the only one awake. Ben had given her a ride home almost a half hour ago and she'd made yet another lame excuse not to let him in the house.

He was trying to get her guard down with every good guy card in the deck. She really wanted to want him, but something was holding her back. James...

He was always there, at the back of her mind. Like an impossible itch or something, she couldn't shake him. Maybe if she could just let Ben into her bed, she could get on with her life. But that wouldn't be fair to him, either.

The cellphone in her hands was cold and empty of contacts from her life in Denver, but she knew his number by heart. Ben had made a good point at dinner. She couldn't truly be happy until she healed. He had meant that she should forget James and be with him. She knew enough about men to know when one wanted to be "more than friends".

But Ben was sweet, and strong and made good money. He'd never be a MENSA candidate, but he wasn't an idiot either. They had fun together, even though they hadn't fooled around. She smiled at the memory of Ben walking her to the door. He'd held the side of her face like he was holding a baby bird, and then leaned down to kiss her other cheek.

His lips had been so soft, and the kiss was feather light. As he had pulled away, she put both hands on his face and kissed him full on the mouth. It deepened quickly, with hands wandering over each others bodies soon after it began. She racked her fingernails across his broad shoulders as she nipped playfully at his bottom lip. His breathing quickened and he was soon responding with a deft handfull of her ass. They stood there making out in the doorway until they were both breathless.

He wanted in, and she had wanted him to, but James' face filled her mind. The strong jaw with its morning stubble, rough against her pillow on the morning she'd finally gotten up the courage to ask him to be hers.

She'd panicked, and said something stupid about needing sleep and that she would call him later. The hurt that had flashed in his eyes broke her heart, but she hugged him and then shut the door behind her.

Now she sat at the kitchen table, flustered, horny and at a loss for what to do next. James was good at helping her sort things through, but after almost three months of nothing, would he even want to hear from her? She decided that she didn't care. She had to talk to him. She had been meaning to call since Grace's birthday almost three weeks ago now.

She picked up the phone and determinedly dialed with shaking fingers. It was only 10pm in San Francisco, so it was 11pm in Denver. Alice couldn't remember the last time Ben had been asleep before midnight, so she figured it would still be okay to call. At least it would be okay if he still wanted to talk to her. He hadn't called in three weeks, after all.

The phone went to voicemail. Alice Hung up in a rush of adrenaline fueled emotion. When the tea pot started whistling, she almost screamed aloud. She had completely forgotten putting it on.

After mixing herself a mug of hot chocolate, her phone rang. It was James. She put the steaming mug down and sat, staring at the phone vibrating on the table.

She snatched it up on the third ring.

"Hello?" She hated the way her voice was wavering, but couldn't seem to stop shaking.

Friday, February 15, 2013

James, meet floor

The phone was ringing. James cracked open his sleep crusted eyes and surveyed his surroundings. Problem one was his being on the floor. More specifically, on the floor in the livingroom, mouth open, drooling into the brown carpet. Problem two was that the phone hanging on the wall of the kitchen was ringing. Problem three was that it was one in the morning and his mouth tasted like scotch puke and carpet.

Candace was comatose in the hospital, Alice wasn't in Denver anymore and had never called the house when she was still here. The thought made him want another drink. Maybe not scotch this time, though. His stomach lurched again as the phone rang again and he dragged himself up to answer it.

"Who the fuck is calling me at this time of night?" Was what he wanted to say, but his professional nature kicked in instead. "Williams residence..." He slurred into the phone. He rubbed the crust out of his eyes while the person on the other end paused. He blinked himself a little more awake. There was someone on the other end he could hear them breathing softly. "Hello? ...Alice?" He hated the desperation in his voice, but he just couldn't take it anymore.

  "Hi." A man's voice. Not Alice. "Sorry to call so late, but is there a James there?"

"This is James... May I ask who you are?" His tone was harsh, but he really didn't care. It was late, he was drunk, and the phone number was long distance.

"I'm a friend of Alice's. My name's Ben. Now, I know you and her had some history, but I gotta make sure you're going to leave her alone now." He sounded reasonable enough, but James really wasn't feeling too reasonable at the moment. "And before you ask, she doesn't know I'm calling you." James was livid. He couldn't seem to make a sound.

"This is James Williams the architect, right?" Ben seemed a little less sure of himself, which finally deflated James' furious silence.

"Yeah. This is James. Alice's James, actually. What I'd like to know is, and I mean this with the utmost respect, but who the fuck are you? Why are you calling and where is Alice? She won't return my phone calls and no one knows where she is. I miss her... Will you tell her that? Whoever the fuck you are to her, can you tell her that much?"

Ben was silent on the other line for almost a minute. James openned his mouth to ask if he was still there. Ben beat him to it. "She doesn't know I called you... I'm sorry." Before James could yell at him, the line went dead.